About Face Fit 4 Radio: The original


The emergence of face fit for radio:

Originally I started this blog senior year of college, during a bout of self diagnosed insomnia.

You know those people that are just born into beauty. They’re the ones that have zero ounces of cellulite, despite eating fast food for days and never stepping into a gym. They were the absolute pictures of perfection as little girls, and their parents dressed them in outfits that, due to the recycling of trends, have resurfaced today. We know this because they remind us of this every thursday when they flaunt it under the guise of a hash tag tbt (#tbt). During middle school, they were on the aim buddy lists of people they never met. They bypassed all the negative aspects of puberty and entered high school with flawless skin, legs that didn’t touch, and perky breasts.

Today, they never wait on line, are best friends with the doormen at every fancy club, and have never had to buy themselves a drink. Ever

You can try to convince yourself that you’re better off….because you know what its like to work for what you want. But the truth is, you’re kidding yourself. They wont have to work hard to fulfill their duties as a trophy wife. (The life you claim you would never want… but come on)

This is for all the guys and gals that despite how many hours they put in at the gym, were still plagued by “heavy bones” or zaftig figures. The ones who have been through essentially every face care product in every pharmacy on the planet. The ones who buy their own drinks at bars  to signal their independence, but cringe at the thought of spending another dollar.

And now I’ll end with the same sentence I ended with on my original blog…

“At least your dreams of television stardom weren’t crushed at age 7 when you were told you had a face better suited for radio…by your mother.






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