Cover Letters, Naked Words

Throughout the course of my professional journey, I have often found myself  compelled by the (unfounded) principle that it is necessary to have a job. Don’t get me wrong. I am a strong believer that you should be able to support yourself (should your parents cut you off, and you find yourself incapable of convincing some other fool to provide for you) however, I think that there are some specific employment opportunities in which it is probably in your best interest to refrain from pursuing.

Needless to remind you, I rarely take my own advice and have thus come across countless emails that prove otherwise. Resulting from surmounting pressures to find internships, resume builders, and volunteer opportunities that would ensure the proper skill set needed to establish myself as someone capable of handling the “real world” …I have applied and expressed interest to jobs in probably every subcategory of craigslist at one point or another. This doesn’t exclude the personals.

Find a compilation of some of the more interesting ones under the category…Jobless in Seattle

DISCLAIMER: Throughout college, I did secure many internships and even held various jobs, that some might have even considered prestigious. Did they help me succeed? If you consider paying LIRR fees to commute into a sweltering New York City to make no cash, and or fulfilling the role of a single Hispanic mother, working 3 part time jobs as a college senior just trying to make some money to feed my daughters, then sure.

In short, make money, find rich friends, and Fuck Da Police







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