Conversations With My Dead Grandmother

Anna Alexa, is very much alive as I write this. However, a while back I started a collection of interview-like discussions with my grandmother in an attempt to preserve her memory for the time when this is no longer the case.

As per usual, this was one of the many things I started but inevitably never finished. Regardless, with her approval of course, I am devoting a section of this “blog” to share some of her words of wisdom.

Many people tend to disassociate their grandparents with the term human, and instead, view them as a source of income for holidays and birthdays. I’ve heard plenty of people share that they’re only attentive to their grandparents in an attempt to ensure a spot in the will.

This is not the case for me. Securing a spot in someones will is the sole reason I am attentive to ANYONE. You never know who you’ll come across in life. There are people who have left their entire fortune’s to their dog. Say the right thing, and you never know who will throw you a bone.

Anyway…she has taught me that you don’t entirely give up your rights to have fun once you start procreating, and your offspring do the same. In fact, she was always sure to make it VERY clear that my bout with influenza, or case of the hershey squirts, was by no means her problem.

Look for the old hags stories categorized under Grams


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