Coffee Table Conversations

This page is dedicated to the soon-to-be #1 coffee table book sold world wide. Assembled under the title, TJB Takes Cali, this book compiles many reasons as to why, Taylor J. Braun serves as an asset to her friends, family, and really quite probably the world. Though most of the reasons are derived from actions and events during her four years at the University of Maryland…it expands to include various insights on her upbringing and family life.

Each book is filled with additional sleeves in the back so that you can create your own individual reasons as to why you feel she enhances your life, or pictures of you and your friends should you have any.

The book also serves as a paper weight, a prop for an uneven table, and a door stop when positioned properly.

You can buy this, and a variety of other Facefit4radio memorabilia on the company site.


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