Another year, Another Dollar


Similar to the post of the 100 things I’d like to do before I die…Here is another testament to my uncanny ability to set goals, and follow through.  The below post was written days after my 20th birthday.  It is a descriptive representation of the days preceding the annual event…and I ask that you not pass too much judgment on the wild, and uninhibited events of that weekend….


This was was titled and saved as “I turned 20 Yesterday”…


I turned 20 yesterday. Okay, so technically it was two days ago. But, one of my goals this year was to make some changes in my life. Throwing up in various locations in my home isn’t necessarily a change for me so we’re going to just excuse it and start with a new clean slate today. Dad, here is my formal apology for avoiding most of father’s day 2009. It’s not my fault you and mom decided to produce a child so close to your day of recognition.  And I think I deserve more. So there.


Okay, so this, writing, book, documentary, movie, something that gets sent to the recycle bin on my computer in 2 days, whatever this may be is intended to focus on the next years of my life. The next decade. Before we do that though, I think it’s important to sum up the last weekend of my first two decades.

Friday Night:


6.25.13 Final Note: I can only assume by the lack of information that it was a crazy time indeed, perhaps too wild to capture on the blank page