The Master List-

Some are great. Some are average. Some are confused. Here is the master list with no comments. I’ll highlight my favorites later. A back slash denotes a separate line of text.


  • Richy: Who isn’t a fan of sitting in general regardless of where it is.
  • Cameron: lollll the good ol’ rusty trombone?
  • Matt: I try not to judge 😉 / U?
  • Tucker: I welcome it with open arms/ And legs…
  • Vincent: That’s a great question
  • CJ: Down
  • Seth: Well that certainly got my attention. Ha
  • Max: I can be the sitter or sat upon. Either is fine with me
  • Chris: All game/ smiley face with blushed cheeks <- in emoji form. He didn’t type that out.
  • Dane: pretty down
  • Adam: What?
  • Mitchell: I’ve been waiting three months for you to ask me that. I’m pretty open to it, but it can sometimes be a bit…prickly, if you will. What are your thoughts?
  • Chase: I have no idea where you’re going with that
  • Austin: My face is your toilet darling
  • Jason: You must elaborate. I have a lot of stances. But I’m not sure if any of them involve sitting on face?
  • Erik: Like you sitting on my face or me sitting on your face
  • Lane: Who is sitting on who’s face
  • Greyson: I can’t really think of a better way to spend a Thursday night.
  • Bryce: I’m into it as long as your into giving rimjobs
  • Christopher: I voted yes when the bill was up for debate/ Earn my trust with 1 single word/ There has to be a hand symbol to say when to get off, Iv came close to suffocation one to many times/ Toy with my emotions, squat low
  • Glen: I voted yes on prop 69. /What’s your stance on anal?
  • Brian: Hhhmm is it weird that just reading that question aroused me??/ And then I laughed cause that was the most random question I got on here..
  • Kalen: Always down (tongue emjoi)/ What’s yours?/…1 hour later Wait, who’s doing the sitting?
  • Josh: Hahaha. I’m in/ If you have a chair
  • Joe: Huge proponent
  • Dakotah: What does that mean
  • Max: I suppose that could be arranged
  • Sean: I consider myself pro sitting on face
  • Kurt: If your politely asking to sit on my face, the answer is yes.
  • Manuel: One of my favorites 😉
  • Emmet: I’ve been going back and forth on the subject recently./ Its been a huge topic of debate
  • Sina: I made a great chair. What is your position on the matter?
  • Matt: I would say I am without a doubt.

To be honest. This is getting boring, so I’ll only type out the rest that intrigued me or stood out for other reasons.

  • Arman: My stance is that I like peanut butter with my milk.
  • Chris: Believe my stance would be horizontal in that scenario.
  • Erik: Stance and sitting, kind of an oxymoron isn’t it?
  • Ryan: Such a chill thing to ask. It’s my favorite, obviously. Parker: Well I’d wager a guess that your stance would end up being pretty delicious
  • Casey: I’m pretty pro face sitting but if you want I Get down to the real issues its all about anal and dirty Sanchez. Thoughts?Ari: Not much of a stance. More of a crouch. But My theory is if they sit they will come. Kind of a field of dreams thing. / And you? Sitting on face? Would that be a major like or dislike? (3 hours later) /?
  • Maxwell: I think it should be regarded as appropriate in public beaches and parks. Westerners are such squares.
  • Robin: FYI our babies wud be beautiful/ And it’s cool long as ur vag is delicious/ (2 weeks later) Soo about that face sitting line is that just ur standard opener.
  • Hank: My face is your barstool/ How do you feel about standing 69? Just to clarify, you would be the one standing.
  • Seth: Based on our friends in common…are you a nice jewish east coast girl

Clearly we have some philosophers on our hands…What’s your favorite? Do you have one that’s better? Have you received one that’s worse?

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