Sit.On.My.Face …The prequel to my Tindervention

You know when you do something and immediately realize it’s a bad idea. Well this last experiment of mine was premeditated with the knowledge that it was a really fucking stupid idea, but of course I did it anyway.

I wanted to do an experiment of sorts relating to people’s reactions on tinder.  I thereby asked a few of my friends/acquaintances for random questions or statements that I would be obliged to send; regardless of how ridiculous, inappropriate, or absurd they were.

First of all, here are the responses I got.  Not for nothing. This is kind of perturbing if this is what comes to mind when I afford you the opportunity to gain an in depth analysis of the human mind via thoroughly embarrassing myself.

Potential Questions to Ask

How big is your member
Do you eat hot dogs?
Favorite r&b singer
Chocolate or vanilla
Curly fries or waffle fries

I guess I didn’t make myself clear enough when expressing the intentions of this social experiment. Needless to say, I went with my own, and sent a variety of comments pertaining to the act of sitting on one’s face.

Disclaimer: SOMF. [Sit On My Face] I don’t know what it is with the saying, but for the past while it has been one that has come up time and time again.  I think it’s hilarious, a topic that is easily integrated into almost any social scenario, and also a good way to glimpse into the sexual preferences of our generation.

The Question:

So what is your stance on sitting on face?

After sending it to about 5 people, I was already burdened with the task, as I realized there were people on my Tinder list that I have mutual friends in common with, and also ones that I had conversed with prior to going under cover as the SOMF queen.

Boy: Happy Easter (followed by emojis of flowers, bunnies, and sunshine)
Me: So what’s your stance on sitting on face?

I was about to call the whole thing off… That is until I received my first response.

“Strong. But only after eating Chik-Fil-A”

Which obviously automatically inspired me to continue the mission, and send to every single person on my match list. This is an ongoing experiment that I assume will be put on hiatus many a times, and never actually completed. But of course, I will provide you with details along the way.

Click HERE for the master list of responses.


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