My Real 100 Things to Do Before I Die:

6. 25. 13 Disclaimer:  This is sad for so many reasons. One being the fact that I didn’t even make it past 3 things. 2. I have started and recreated (not finished) this sort of list so many times since. 3. I currently have  a copy of “The Happiness Project” on my nightstand, which recently inspired me to contemplate creating yet another one. 4. I already have more reason as to why this post is sad than I do the amount of goals I had set for myself.

Dedication. My roommate Arianna peyser. I would like to send my greatest appreciation for drinking too much on your 19th birthday, getting sick and preventing me from entering my room due to the smell. I appreciate you.

My  real one hundred things to do before I die.

Last year I had an assignment in which I was asked to create a list of 100 things I would like to do before I died. Essentially the point of this assignment was to encourage the class to actually do these things.  Besides the few absurd things that I had written just to fill the blank spots in time before class, it has come to my attention that I have done none of these things.  I would assume that it is all too often that people proclaim things they want to do and never actually get around to doing it. The phrase follow your dreams has been replaced with the notion that everything will fall into place. As a sophomore at the University of Maryland, I have absolutely no idea what I want to become.  Yet, I am currently enrolled in the business school, planning to major in either accounting or marketing and have previously accepted the fact that I will get a decent job straight out of college; grad school serving as a time filler if this magical job doesn’t come my way.  Now however, I realize that following this path will leave me little time to fulfill any goals much less 100 of them. So here I declare a promise to myself. I am going to find 100 things that will provide meaning to my life. And then I will do these things. As of right now I do not foresee the need to rank each action in any way of importance because the mere fact that they are part of my main goal is makes them all equally important.  This will be a struggle. Although this assignment is 100 things to do before I die, I am going to focus them within the remaining years of my college and potentially grad school experiences.  My idea is that this will help me avoid the running of the common path. Hopefully I will gain strength to refute the normal wants and desires of the average human.  This is my goal. And it is my belief that the accomplishment of this activity will lead me to happiness. This brings us all to goal number 1. I would love to write a book. A book that you all have just read the introduction to.

Goal Number #1: I am currently reading The happiness hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt. First I would like to mention that although I am only on page 36 (even though I am supposed to have read it in its entirety and post a reaction to it by 9 o clock tonight) it has given me a sense of calmness. As I have recently been frustrated about my lack of direction, his reported research informs us that many aspects of happiness relies heavily on genes.  In this case, nature outweighs nurture. Thank you Jonathan Haidt for letting me know that it’s not entirely my fault that I’m so fucked up. Anyway, he mentions meditation as a pill that “increases self-esteem, empathy, and trust; it even improves memory”.  These are all things that I would like to have happen to me. So now my first goal is to meditate. I know it’s easy to do this for a day. But I will mediate and keep a journal of how it affects me. This makes me realize that it will be necessary for each goal of this book to be matched with a reaction. That way, if you should so choose to pick 100 things to do before you die, I will help to eliminate those that have no affect.

Goal # 2. Find a healthy weight, stick  to it.

As I am writing this, my stomach is growling. It comes to my attention that I am quite hungry, perhaps starving. Yet, it comes to my memory that after coming home from a late last night from the local bar, I consumed a massive shmorgous board of foods. Including Chinese chicken and broccoli along with a bagel melted with mozzarella cheese, left over brownies and a handful of marshmallows. ( I’m almost too embarrassed to admit this but at one point I do recall dipping my bagel into the garlic sauce).  I can attest this profound array of food to living in a sorority house. This will probably be important information as I’m sure it will help shape many of the goals of my near future. When you have 45 girls living under one roof, it’s safe to say that interesting events occur on the regular. It’s also safe to say that bad habits can develop and spread. In this century when everyone and their mothers are so weight obsessed, it gets hard to balance life. Between school work, regular work, the social scene, abundance of alcohol and drugs, and now  a social necessity to be able to look good in a bikini for spring break, the surmounting pressure often leads to crash diets, bad eating habits and even legitimate eating disorders.  So the main aspect of my goal is not just to get skinny and look damn fine in that bathing suit in Acapulco, but rather think less about dieting and focus more on becoming healthy. In fact, I will even extend this to helping my father get into shape as well.

Goal 3- Foster better relationship with my parents.

6.25.13 Notes: 5. I don’t think I have ever meditated a day in my life. 6. I consumed my 4th meal of the day before 3pm today. 7. As for Goal 3, I physically moved myself across the country in order to do so, but by definition… I think that one deserves a check.

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