The Freshest Face in Comedy Television…Ironically One Better Suited for Radio


I hope this note finds you well. Please find my writeup about an aspiring writer new to the LA comedy scene.

In the everlasting debate of whether or not women are as funny as their male counterparts, an up and coming talent is interested in tipping the scales towards a definitive yes.  In regards to the comedy arena, Taylor Braun is a relatively “fresh face”, although she’d be more likely to acknowledge the delineation “relatively fresh”. Her admittedly juvenile blog,Facefit4radio… a compilation of some of her more sarcastic writings highlights the on goings, and ultimately the shortcomings of her abundantly mediocre life.

Her sarcastic and often offensive tone has been criticized by many of being self degrading, but to that she replies that it has always been her nature to make fun of herself for others’ pleasure…and although in this case, she doesn’t particularly give a shit, she thinks its important you know that all girls do… (shit).

She began her writing career officially after moving to LA from NY, which is the underlying premise for many of her main characters. After quitting her job, and essentially her life to move to LA with no job, no money, and no long-term plan…she found herself feeling the necessity to justify her decision to friends and family back home; the premise of her first pilot; Lies to My Diary.

In this series Mickey Taylor follows the same relocation path, and although content with a new group of friends, finds herself fabricating stories to the people back home to make her life appear more glamorous.

A second sitcom that is currently in pre production under the title Broke and Hearted focuses on the story of Taylor, Josh, and Blaine; all twenty something’s facing the reality of dating in the big apple.  Josh and Taylor are college friends and real world roommates. When Josh’s old high school pal Blaine shows up on the eve of his breakup… the three decide to take their reality online, and battle through the myths and misconceptions in order to divulge the truths behind the world of online dating.

(In regards to the abundant use of her name in her work, she claims it’s more out of laziness than narcissism, but also states that she likes her name, and would have ultimately been impressed with her parents naming abilities… had they not then decided to cut off all of her hair, rendering her an ambiguously gendered child by sight…but you can see more about that on her site.

When asked about her dreams and aspirations, Taylor replies that she has spent her entire life waiting to find out what it was that she really wanted. To borrow the words of MLK, her “dream was to have a dream”.  When she first moved out here, she didn’t really know what she would end up pursuing. “It wasn’t until I moved out here, and ultimately spread myself too thin, and spread my Nutella on too thick for a couple of months that I realized and accepted what it is that I want… I think”

Coincidentally, that is the partial title of one of her autobiographies. Taylor Braun: I know what I want! I think? The second, Taylor Braun: My Life from A-D; chronicling her life through her fluctuating breast size.  There is no official word as to when either of the aforementioned will be released.

In the meantime, we wish her good luck, and hope that her story will be one that is Taylor Made

Thank you for your consideration. If you should like to receive additional information, please respond with my name in the subject line.


Mia Righthand

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